The Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts – Recreational or Medical?

When it comes to the sale of marijuana, location and word-of-mouth, or social media, are king. There are many amazing places to buy marijuana in Massachusetts, but what makes for a good dispensary? According to the experts, the number of different strains that are sold, the number of different ailments that can be treated and the number of visitors to that particular location.

The list below of dispensaries names a few of the best, though of course, the list is not complete and never will be.

1. New England Treatment Access

The one that tops the list of the Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Massachusetts as actually named one of the best in America. The New England treatment Access is lauded as having an extensive list of items to purchase in terms of edibles, flowers, topical, concentrates and more.

They are located in Brookline and Northampton. What also makes this dispensary stand out from the crowd is their use of the Wait Time Widget which will inform patients if there is a line at either location and when the best times to go is. This is possible as medical marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts.

2. Alternative Therapies Group

The Alternative Therapies Group is located in Eastern Massachusetts. They are a relatively young dispensary having only opened on December 15, 2018, but poor reviews involving long wait times and limited stock were slowly replaced with raves on their Facebook page from avid followers.

What made this an amazing place to go for medical marijuana? The staff made this store work. They were helpful, knowledgeable and the store had good pricing.

3. Berkshire

Berkshire is the largest producer of cannabis in the Berkshires. They have as many adult-use products as their menu can hold and then some. If you need it, they have it.

They carry almost every strain of cannabis you could want and they have a large selection of items to use it as well as an amazing selection of edible products.

4. Caroline’s Cannabis

Caroline’s Cannabis is a recreational marijuana dispensary that has never served as a medical marijuana dispensary. They provide their customers with confidence in their choices because no proof of medical need is required for purchase and their entire menu is open to any adult who wants to buy their goods.


It was also the first dispensary to be owned and operated by a woman in Massachusetts.

5. Cultivate in Leicester

Cultivate in Leicester is a luxury cannabis dispensary. They have accommodations to leave their customers at ease with a comprehensive selection of goods and world-class quality. The feature half a dozen bud flower stains, dozens of pre-rolled joints and connections with the medical community making this store a medical use as well as medical use dispensary.


They also do not limit recreational use adults from buying and using products that were once only dispensed to those holding a medical marijuana card.

6. Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry is a dispensary based in Worcester. As of May 1, 2019 everyone can enjoy world-class cannabis that was only available to the medical-card holding community up until that point.

They have introduced a color-coded system and effect-based categorization which allows even a novice cannabis user to find the type, strain, and experience they are looking for.

7. Insa

Insa is located in East Hampton is definitely worth a visit. They offer their clients direct ways for their clients to get the strain of cannabis, in the form they prefer, directly from the source. They also have one of the most expansive cannabis menus in the state and they have a wide selection of concentrates including wax, shatter, live sugar and vaporized cartridges.

They also have 10 unique strains of Cannabis to choose from and give the customer access to items that were once only available to buy with a medical marijuana card. Their selection of specialty products is also one of the tops in the state with infused bath bombs, transdermal patches, and immersion salts.

8. Rise

Rise is located in Amherst. Once known under the National cannabis brand Green Thumb Industries, it was one of the first to open in 2018.



It is a big hit within the local community and they have been able to take their brand to the local level and be enjoyed throughout the adult-use community.

9. New England Treatment Access

This branch of the New England Treatment Access is located in Brookline. They offer premium flower products in a variety of packs that are over 25% THC. They are known for their selection of edibles and while some of their stock is still limited to medical marijuana users only, anyone can find what they want at this location.

Their stock includes chocolate bars, gummies, tincture and capsules in a variety of strengths and cannabis ratios. You will find whatever you are looking for in this dispensary’s selection.

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